Innocence Redeemed

Deceptions, Dreams, Interpretations & Wisdom

June 14, 2021

In this episode of Innocence Redeemed, my brother Ian will be joining me to discuss photos he has recently captured of strange signs in the skies as well as analysis of some dreams he has had.  We cover a lot of ground in this podcast and also discuss events leading to great deception that may/will try to present to fool those asleep in this very late hour.  Many scriptures are mentioned throughout the podcast but we did not quote each one. All scriptures mentioned in this podcast, as well as links, photos, etc. will be posted on my blog at


As the podcast will be uploaded before it is posted on the blog, please check back if you do not see the blog entry for the links mentioned in this episode as these will be added shortly.  The blog will be under the same title as this podcast when it goes live.  Thank you for listening.  Jesus Bless.

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