Innocence Redeemed

The White Horse Is Riding (JPH Radio)

July 17, 2021

This episode is a repost of Just Praise Him Radio where I was a guest with Glynda Lomax to discuss end time realities and where we are in the scope of events.   The Lord gave His people several events in advance to be looking for.  He gave the parable of the fig tree.

People everywhere are facing difficult choices. Many are being told if they refuse to have a DNA altering medical procedure, they will lose their jobs. What will you choose if that happens where you work?  Can you pass the test of faith?  In tough times ahead, who will you serve? 


Also, the truth of where we are on the Revelation Timeline. How far are we into the End Times?


Link to the podcast I talked about:  The Hagmann Report - Steve Quayle & Robert Griswold | Resist the Lies & Live


Link to the patent talked about:



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